((I would, once i finish dinner))

[i still need to do some stuff before i’m totally free too, so— if you guys are still up for it let me know! c:]

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[To whomever sent me an ask, tumblr decided to eat it and it’s not displaying anything in my inbox. :c;; gdi, tumblr.]

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Send me “Listen up, kid” followed by a question and my muse will answer it as his/her ten year old self.
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The Signature Food of Each State

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I’m not sure if I should hold a level of #pride or simply scream ‘MUERICA! #gunculture #Iowa #country #summer #funny #awesome #cow #fire #midwest #Ottumwa #wtf #hardcore

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Polar Vortex in Chicago, IL January 2014

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Chicago - Illinois - USA (von Chris Smith/Out of Chicago)

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Sunbeam by Gerald Barnett on Flickr.

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North Shore Line Electroliner train northbound on the Chicago L at Wabash Avenue.

The cross-street here is Harrison Street; today this intersection is very different due to the realignment of the L and the presence of Columbia College.


Date unknown; the car on the left appears to be a Plymouth Savoy from the 1957-1959 series.

Collection of John Smatlak

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I dunno, same old shit, just a new day. [shrugs] Thought I would have a pleasant weekend, but work is following me home again. 

Haven’t heard from you in a bit tho. Anything new happening in your part of the country?

Work has a tendency to do that, unfortunately. 

Eh, not really exciting’s going on by me. But I guess that’s kind of a good thing in some ways.

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