Autumn Sunset by baldwinm16 on Flickr.

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Autumn is Here! by baldwinm16 on Flickr.

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For a text not meant for your character

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By The river (by Shorefish2011)

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Autumn Grass (by baldwinm16)

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Send me a misconception you think people have about my character and I’ll explain if it’s true or not
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((No because they were shit. PA was shit. But I do miss my Liberia. She was actually really good. But like I don’t associate with the hetalia fandom anymore so…kinda have no use for her now. ))

[haha yeah my states were pretty shitty back in the day. i do miss my israel though, especially since i used to roleplay as him and everything. :c but i’m not really in the hetalia fandom anymore either, so.]

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Gabe was like a hetalia OC for a month then he just turned into a plain OC. He was also the only one I created in my short hetalia phase too hahaaaaa. It was after I separated it from it I started making others.

[my state ocs were originally hetalia but i divorced them from it after a while. i still have nation ocs (israel, palestine, greenland) for hetalia, tho.]

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[do you ever just miss your old hetalia ocs because i do.]

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