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This one’s for oldkentuckyhome!

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I’m gonna start a new drawing series on here. It’s going to be called the “Belated Birthdays” series because I can never seem to remember or plan ahead on time peep’s birthdays. So what I’m really doing is doing a drawing for everyone in case I did miss or gonna miss the chance to say happy birthday. ;w;

This one’s for Mak.

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Nygrens Wetlands, Rockton, Illinois, USA (by photomama777)

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Gotta say, you guys are into some weird shit.

It’s been a pretty weird evening around here.

Tell me about it.

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Gotta say, you guys are into some weird shit.

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Anonymous said:
You're going to catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul.

I mean I would, if I had a soul. 

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Confess something you’ve thought about the muse on anon, and all I can do is post it
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Camping and junk and stuff

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if a joke is corny in Illinois, is it cheesy in Wisconsin?

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