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US Naval Training Station - Great Lakes ILLINOIS - 1943 - Navy, WWII, Military

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Urbs in horto. It’s a Latin phrase meaning “City in a Garden” and the motto of Chicago, a city of skyscrapers, shopping malls, busy streets, and yes — gardens. There are bulbs peeping out from every corner, glades in the shadow of 500-foot shrines to commerce.

The greatest of these is a 385-acre oasis just north of the metropolis. The Chicago Botanic Garden is far from the bustle of downtown and the regular tourist attractions, but it merits an entire day of your visit to the city. You can spend hours exploring the more than two dozen themed gardens and their artistry: hedges, lakes, bridges, fountains, ferns, gazebos and greenhouses, crowded and crowned with blossoms. If you ever dreamed of stepping into The Secret Garden, it’s here inside the English Walled Garden. If you ever wished to see Eden, I believe I have seen it on the eloquent and restful Evening Island. Admission is free.

Inside the city proper, there are many parks and greenspaces with carefully manicured lawns. In Grant Park, just steps from Buckingham Fountain, blooms an award-winning rose garden. In Millennium Park sits the serene and atypical Lurie Garden. Fields of wispy greenery and flowers, a brisk, modern boardwalk and high, landscaped hedges give the place a sense of architecture.

If you have the time, there is more. There are conservatories, zoos, an arboretum, a Japanese garden and more parks than you can count. Go in spring or summer if you truly wish to see the city at its best. It lives up to its motto.

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Went back to Matthiessen State Park today.

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Summer Cold Front by baldwinm16 on Flickr.

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Chicago, IL.


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DuPage River (by Constant Creations)

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Prairie Fog by baldwinm16 on Flickr.

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untitled by Brian Koprowski on Flickr.

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Happy 100th Anniversary Wrigley Field (by Statevillain)

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